AI-powered Integrated Digital Marketing and Ads Platform

Ultraprecise segmentation-targeting, performance analysis in cross-validating 1st-party data, and real-time customer behavioral data to drive up ROAS.

Optimization of automated real-time campaign performance maximizes ROAS.

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Main function of LightHouse

Omni-channel Campaign Management

  • Create an omni-channel campaign towards multiple campaigns at once.
  • Quick-start and easy hypothesis validation to capture meaningful insights.
  • Automated digital campaign management after deployment.

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Insights Discovery from
1st-party Data

  • Discover actionable insights from 1st-party CRM Data.
  • Ultraprecise segmentation-targeting and performance analysis cross-validating 1st-party data and real-time customer behavioral data to drive up ROAS.

Real-time Performance Monitoring and Reinforcement

  • Monitor campaign performances real-time on LIGHTHOUSE Dashboard.
  • Automated real-time campaign performance optimization maximizes ROAS.
  • Get actionable insights from customized reports on campaign performance and share with team members.

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