AI-powered Integrated

Digital Ads&Marketing Platform

Optimize your target audience and budget allocation.
Get real time insights to move fast

Actionable insights

Multiple Channels at Once

Based on Real-time


Feature 1

Deploy ads on multiple channels at once

All online advertising in LIGHTHOUSE.
You can conveniently manage from advertisement creation to campaign execution.


Feature 2

Automatic Real-time targeting optimization

LIGHTHOUSE AI optimizes your ad targeting in real time.
Digital advertising channels and budgets are analyzed and set by AI in real time to conduct optimized online advertising.


Feature 3

Get actionable Marketing insights from your own data

You can collect and check your own customer profile/behavior data in LIGHTHOUSE.

All online advertising in one place.

Execute campaigns on various digital advertising platforms with one ad creation.
Simply create ads and run your ad campaigns across all channels with one click.
LIGHTHOUSE makes it easier, faster and simpler to manage your digital ads.

*Digital advertising platforms will continue to be integrated.

Automatic Real-time AI targeting optimization

Proven LIGHTHOUSE AI manages targeting in real time.

Now we can maintain our best performance without having to look into it every day.
Increase sales revenue with automatic AI ad targeting.

By automating budget execution
Focus on where the actual revenue is made.

Based on ROAS (or set goals), LIGHTHOUSE AI automates budget execution.
Maximize sales by investing budget in online advertising channels where actual sales are made.
Maximize sales efficiency through AI within the limit budget.

Analysis customers through data.

Customer data collected from LIGHTHOUSE
Shows customer groups categorized by interest.

Identify patterns of customer service use behaviors organized by group,
Who are my best customers, who are my potential customers
Understand and gain marketing insights.

DDDM : Data-driven decision-making Start with LIGHTHOUSE

'If you can't measure, you can't improve.'

LIGHTHOUSE enables fast decision-making/target marketing based on data.
You can understand the behavior of customers who use the service, can perform individual targeted marketing by classifying customers by interest or profile.

By allowing customers to continuously use the service through super-personalized
marketing/quick business decision-making based on data Achieve service growth and sales growth.

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