Since LIGHTHOUSE inevitably deals with big size of data in various format, and requires frequent AI modeling and re-trainings. Therefore, SmartMind comes up with proprietary algorithm works with any type of big data
to reduce dramatically in size and cost while maintaining same level of accuracy in the process of training AI models.

AI-powered Modules for Time-series
Data Processing and Prediction

Proprietary deep learning algorithms to process massive time-series data such as video, audio and conversations and extract meaningful insights in connection with client’s 1st-party data that allows customer behavior predictions and microsegmentation.

Hyperfast AI Modeling

LIGHTHOUSE is an ecosystem of effectiveness-proven AI algorithms. In combinations with clients’ 1st-party data, LIGHTHOUSE ecosystem allows hyperfast AI modeling for customized, purpose-centric decision making, while elevating effectiveness of the decision and reducing time-to-market drastically.

Project THANOS(Tentative Title)

THANOS is a revolutionary algorithm that dramatically reduces the volume
of massive time-series data to train machines. Patent-pending, THANOS enables unprecedented, one unified solution to handle all the complex data of varying formats and allows real-time insight extraction and data-to-decision making.

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