SmarMind’s patent-registered, proprietary algorithm that drastically reduces the volume of raw data required for AI modeling

“THANOS is a

revolutionary algorithm

that dramatically


the volume of massive

image, video, audio

and text data

for machine learning

and deep learning

without sacrificing

model's accuracy and

data analysis quality.”

enables unprecedented, univertial solution to handle all types of data for AI modeling, allows hyperfast AI tranining while reducing the half the modeling cost, boosting data to decision making faster than others ever.

Legacy AI Model Compression

Legacy AI Model Compression



The biggest factor that distinguishes THANOS from any other methods is that it reduces the size of the original dataset.  Because it reduces the size from the very first stage in the AI modeling step, it also reduces the time and cost in the later steps as well. Moreover, it’s the biggest advantage that it can also save additional cost by reducing the size of the dataset prior to any other methods introduced previously.


Reduce the cost, increase the accuracy and accelerate the speed

Lower Cost

Build and maintain SOTA AI modeling at low cost


While the size of data set reduced, it maintains same level of accuracy


in the initial stage will accelerate the following stages in the AI modeling

lowers the cost of building and maintaining AI models by decreasing the size of the original data set and hence lowering the server costs.
the same level of accuracy is maintained despite the reduced data size. This also implies that the customers can now afford to add more training datapoints to improve model accuracy, thanks to the lowered cost. as the data size becomes smaller, the speed of AI modeling will be far more accelerated. Again, the accelerated speed can contribute to faster development and deployment of AI models.  


THANOS SaaS provides various AI and data related services on API base with out of box tool. Clients also have options to use vertical applications or AI modules

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