Everyone is now aware of data science, big data, cloud transformation, AI, deep learning and digital transformation.

These are all buzzwords we have been heard for more than a decade. But, do we really understand what digital transformation means,how it must be implemented,and what needs to be targeted for?

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Companies are accumulating their proprietary data such as CRM, BPM, and SCM, while running their businesses. And, their employees are the domain experts, who are using these collected data daily basis.The growing complexity of the organization creates difficulties in getting access to the entire data at once. For instance, the engineers cannot access sales data, while salespersons don’t know what engineering progress in detail. This can extend to the relationship between affiliates and their mother company. Silo working exists in any organization, although it's crucial for the business department to get unified and holistic insights into the business itself.

Building insights into the organization in real-time requires endless engineering tasks. And, this is why AI modeling automation is a key factor of AI transformation, which is commonly known as advanced digital transformation. AI models have been developed, and discovered, by data and domain knowledge. If humans are not able to interpret the results of the AI models, neither can AI. This is the reason why AI transformation requires close understandings of data and close works with domain experts in the organization who deals with proprietary data for years.

SmartMind is providing a unified decision-making solution, which leads raw data to decision in real-time: the solution enables companies to have accurate insights to achieve both revenue growth and operational efficiency in their decision-making process.