Job Overview
  • Client Engagement Leads (“CEL”) are not just sales reps or business development managers. Client Engagement Leads are the warriors that first engage with potential clients to identify their most pressing needs and map out how SmartMind should approach such needs to help the client be a champion. As a CEL, the successful candidates will get to work with the decision makers of the world’s most innovative companies and investors and thought leaders in high-tech. Until the Chief Revenue is hired, CELs will directly report to the CEO. This position is to be based in Seoul, South Korea. Please see below for more detailed descriptions on the duties and qualifications.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Identifies and develops Initial Client Profiles (“ICP”) and personas across multiple industries..

  • Lead generation based on ICP.

  • Engages with the leads and initially identifies their needs.

  • Work with the Technical Assistant team and Chief Revenue (to be hired) to formulate client acquisition frameworks and growth strategies.

  • Implement such strategies to win the client.

  • Follow up with the client to ensure to turn them into a champion.

  • Experiment on ICP and work with C-levels to constantly better the ICP.

  • Travel both domestically and internationally to engage with and support clients (depending on the CV19-related situations and restrictions).

  • Bachelor’s degree or above from a reputable university, preferably in an advanced engineering or business-related discipline.

  • Three to five years of successful track records at a client-facing roles at high-growth firms or global consulting firms.

  • The ability to think critically and solve problems.

  • The ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision.

  • The ability to learn (and unlearn) and implement rapidly.

  • A growth mindset..

  • Professional-level English and Korean proficiency (verbal AND written).

  • Eligibility to work in Korea without a Visa support.

  • SmartMind provides a compensation package comprising a competitive base salary, a performance-based bonus, and an employee stock option plan. The final package is negotiable per the candidate’s professional experience and track records.

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