Data scientist : Adam Gilchrist Kuppuswamy

Hello, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Adam Gilchrist, and I’ve lived in Korea for five years. I joined SmartMind in early 2020 as a data scientist. I joined the company as I wanted to start a new journey before I get older.

Was there a specific reason why you chose SmartMind?

There were lots of its visions that I could sympathize with. I thought that the ideas it has are really attractive. During my first interview, I felt that it was a start-up with a very promising future, so I didn’t hesitate to join.

About Work

Please tell us about you, your teammates, your jobs and goals.

Here at Smartmind, we form teams based on projects; however, our tasks are clearly separated. My team consits of data scientists and data engineers, and we work closely with bak-end/front-end engineers.

Do you have a goal in your work at SmartMind?

What I'm aiming for in SmartMind is the completion of the solution I'm currently involved in. I'm looking forward to launching, operating, and securing real products by participating in building solutions from the beginning. Even though there still exist many challenges in the development stage, I am enjoying working now.

What solution is SmartMind developing?

It’s a really big concept, and it’s really hard to explain at once. In short, it’s a digital advertisement marketing platform. I am mainly working on an AI solution that increases client revenue based on marketing and customer data.

What is the developing environment like at SmartMind?

I mainly use Python language for my project.

What is the most memorable project?

I remember Samchully STT project the most. I had to give feedbacks to clients right away so I had to work in a fast pace and enjoyed it. I also remember the LIGHTHOUSE MVP project that we prepared for the techstars_. We had to quickly present demos of the product we were developing at the time, so my teammates and I worked really hard on it.

Company related questions

What’s the atmosphere like at SmartMind?

I always thought that start-ups come with problems regarding organization and structure. But SmartMind is actually quite a well-organized company. In the meanwhile, people are pretty flexible here so there is no rigid atmosphere here. Employees are well-motivated here, so I feel often that everyone is headed to the same direction.

Is there a special reason why you decided to work at a start-up?

I wanted to work in a new industry and a new company, and I wanted to actualize my ideas quickly at a start-up. I was especially interested in IT start-ups. Among those start-ups, I could relate to SmartMind’s vision, and I felt that there was a high possibility for me to actualize my ideas here.

Was it difficult for you to adjust in the beginning?

I am a foreigner, so I have some language barriers. But there are many people who speak fluent English at SmartMind, so it was relatively easy for me to adapt. It is a bit lonely not to be able to visit home because of COVID-19, even when I get holidays.

What is your favorite thing about SmartMind?

Communication. People here share their ideas regardless of their seniority. There is no communication blockage here. I don’t feel any distance in directly communicating with the CEO as well.

What is expected of the applicants

Is there a specific degree you need for the job?

Computer science and similar fields are fundamental. I also think that people who have analytics degree work well here. Statistical analysis is critical for data scientists, so I think people who start these those degrees have huge advantages.

Is there a necessary competence for the job?

Usually, people tend to think that data scientists are those who think in structured ways, but I think those who are creative and know how to actively express their opinions fit here well.

What kind of people would you like to work with?

I would like to work with people who share their situations quickly and honestly, and solve difficult problems with teammates, not by themselves. (laughs)